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Transition Phase 1 is Complete...

We have been in Manhattan, KS since the 5th of July. Today, July 14th, the moving company brought our things from Maryland and unloaded it into the house we are renting. It is a really nice place and we are happy to have found somewhere to stay that is walking distance to both of our offices and to almost anything we would want to do in town. We now begin the process of unpacking, arranging and settling in to our new home. Work is going really well and I am now beginning the process of incorporation as I launch my new web services business. The next big milestone will be the sale of our home in Maryland. It is not going to be a very good deal for us, but the seller we bought from and the buyer we are selling to have made out like bandits. I am looking forward to a day to be on the other end of the deal. Life is changing, that is for sure. I open my arms and mind to the unknown as we begin to explore this new place we call home.
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The Value of Procrastination...

For most of my life I have been called a procrastinator. Usually this carried a negative connotation. I have worked hard in my personal habits to be more responsive when asked to do something, but I still have some of this tendency to put things off until later. But, in the last few years, especially as the speed of information flow, the change to systems I work with and the demand on my time increases, procrastinating a little has been a benefit. Let me explain... The common meaning of procrastination involves the deferment of activities to a point where the delay is detrimental to the successful execution of the activity. But, in situations were there are rapidly changing needs, the definition of the need and related activities change as well, and to put in a bit of delay in execution can buffer the dynamic system a bit. The buffer results in the initial set of rapidly evolving changes to be skipped over, and allows the more finalized set of necessary activities to be more clearl

4 years and 7 days since Blog creation...

My first post to this blog was on Monday 12/27/2004. It seems like so long ago, especially if time is a way to measure change and I look back at all the changes that have happened since then. I would say that time seems to pass more quickly when things are changing a lot and when we are trying to do as much as we can in the short amount of time we have to do it in. I thought that this was interesting, according to , from 12/27/2004 up to today there have been 1468 days. 1468 days can be converted to one of these units: * 126,835,200 seconds * 2,113,920 minutes * 35,232 hours * 209 weeks (rounded down) And in that ridiculous amount of time I have only posted 52 times to my blog. That is only 1 post per month (28 days) on average. Not the best I can do by a long shot, considering all the stuff I am doing each day. Not a very accurate reflection of all the change and adventures during that time. So, for 2009 and on, I wil

Handicap Access FAIL

My Submission to the FAILBlog... more fail, owned and pwned pics and videos Vote it up! :) -BK

The Mysterious Connections

The standard distance of comfortable spaces, between touch, heart and minds. But, what if we treasure the meeting of two, and thrive on the union of lives. Then we are open to the mysterious connection and find the joy inside. The thrill of recognition, and knowing what's on your mind. The beautiful look of comprehension, our lives now intertwined. Where were you yesterday, and tomorrow you'll be gone. I only know that now is real, and I'll hold on until it's done. Then we are open to the mysterious connection and find the light seen in your eyes. Looking back through hazy memories, I grasp but do not feel. Away from you now, I face my life and smile for that which is real. I will not forget yesterday, it means too much to me. But, I'll go on anyway, and try to remember the time... When I opened myself to the mysterious connection that brought you to my life. A moment, a touch, a brief flash of joy... Hidden deep in my mind.

The sun came out today...

It was brief, but it was appreciated. The rays streamed down on my face for a few moments today then went back to the heavens. My soul took a deep breath, absorbing the light, and was renewed. This should last me until next time. -Ziv