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My first hand painted Ziv Art...

. This says "Gromit" which is my Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzer's name. I dedicated my first hand painted version to him. The black is the smooth shaved parts after his grooming, the gray part is the hairy legs.

Open letter to god Janus...

Dear god Janus, It is comforting to know that the feeling symbolized in the god Janus is not new to humanity. Facing in different directions at the same time. past / future, young / old, winter / spring, transition... I am feeling like you lately, facing where I have been while looking to the future. The question I would like to ask is... Are you always like that, constantly split, or do you ever get to look in one direction and devote yourself to it? It seems to me that you cannot devote yourself to one direction, unless you were to cut off one of your faces. This would of course change who you are, and leave you disfigured and unrecognizable as your former self. But is that a bad thing? Would the disfigurement make you more beautiful in other ways? Hey Janus, if you are out there, any advice would be welcome. -Ziv

What is up with these images!!??

. I have been working on a form of artistic encoded information transfer. Each of these images contains a word, that has been converted from ASCII to binary and then used as the foundation template for the resulting image. I use colors and the form to try to communicate the word and a feeling of it. Here is how I do it. "Ziv Art" :^) In a computer simple text is in a format called ASCII, and in ASCII each letter is made from 8 bits (1 or 0), or one byte. For example the ASCII letter "L" is actually made from 8 1's and 0's in the following order: 01001100. I took the word "Love" and converted it into binary code. So each row of 1's and 0's is a single letter. Like this: L = 01001100 o = 01101111 v = 01110110 e = 01100101 Then, I used this pattern of 1 and 0 as the basic form of the painting. In this image, there are four lines of numbers, one for each letter of the word, and eight numbers across. Then I paint all the 1's one color and
Look to many happy days full of it.
All the bleeding holes in the blue nothing of a life alone.

From the heart...

From the heart.
Love is right there if you know what to look for.

April Fools...

April Fool's has gone and past, and I may be the fool at last. Seems like just when you got things figured out you realize it was folly. Would be nice to know up front before things get difficult. On the bright side of the day, Google Gulp was funny... -Ziv