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We crave the effect...

It is only the effect that something has on us that we seek. Nothing has value intrinsically but the effect on our senses is where the value is. Would a rose be cultivated if it had brown petals and smelled like rotten meat? Would gold be treasured if is wasn't shiny and had unique effects as a material? Would sex be worth having if there was no friction/sensation and it did not result in reproduction? If only the effect matters, then what are the most valued effects? These thoughts were in my head after waking up around midnight. Sorry if they don't make sense.

Delta/t... Rate of change and a cosmic reset button...

First post in a while... It isn't that I haven't had much to say... since anyone who knows me would know that silence, although a virtue, is not a virtue that I posses . The problem has been that the rate of change in my life has been staggering and I am only now beginning to catch up with it and resume my normal life functions. Blog posts, email friends, breathing, etc. So I am back to it... What was that? What changes you ask? Well, let me tell you a few of the big ones... How about moving from Washington State, to Washington DC? Yeah, stuff like that. How about divorce... How about new relationships, new families, new life. How about switching from Windows to Mac OS X at work and at home... complete conversion. Although everything I am doing now is a natural extension of what I have been doing all along, the eventual outcome you might say... it also seems as if there was a cosmic reset button that has been pressed. And I just finished loading the BIOS, enabling the hardwa