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My Blue Eye...

What happens if Hazel turns Blue? 

Flying Heart...

I made this in ArtRage during a couple of hours that could have been very boring...But, since I believe that only boring people are bored, I made this instead. I Love ArtRage and my U750P... :^)-Ziv 

Today will be fun!

Wish me luck! :^)  

Last Sunset of 2005, Cannon Beach, Oregon

2005 was a dynamic year, full of huge changes in my life. Seing the last sunset of the year was bittersweet for me. I am glad to see the year pass, knowing that I made it... I survived and things are moving in new directions that I would not have imagined a year ago. At the same time, parts of my life I have known for years will never be again. People and places I had built my life around are no longer there, and I have to go through the process of redefining... who, what, when, where, why, how much, etc. As the sun sank into the ocean, I looked forward to facing tomorrow's sunrise. The process of life... the turning wheel... appreciating all that I have experienced and eager for more. 

Some of the best people I know in this life...

A bite to eat at Marco's Cafe in Multnomah Village. From Left to Right... Danny, Arden, Holly, Me and Elisa. It was great to see all of you! We need to do this more often. :^) -Ziv 



My Bookshelf...

Overall View... Shelf 1: Sci-Fi (mostly Asimov), Science and Classics Shelf 2: More Science related and Historical texts... Shelf 3: Religious and "Spiritual" Books. Shelf 4: Geek Stuff Shelf 5: Text books and stuff that didn't fit above.

Friendly and Yummy... does it get any better?

Mitchell's fish market at the waterfront in Homestead, PA. Excellent fish-n-chips and the service was even better. Thanks Lisa! :^) Link to the Resturant website... Click Here Ziv_mobile

Chillin' in my new place.

Well, I am all moved in and finally starting to feel comfortable here. It is so strange to move your life to a new place. But the one thing you can count on is that things will change. 

Of Love and Kite Flying...

My heart is the kite, aloft in the winds of love, taking flight into the sky of life. But, not too high or too far away from the pilot mind who controls it, as the strings of a painful past experience keep it tethered to the earth. The mind lets the heart dance in the breeze but is always there keeping the strings tight and the flight controlled. What would happen if he let the strings go? Would it fly away, so high that it will never be seen again? Would it spiral out of control and crash to the earth, broken on the sands? The pilot knows that in the past his control has made the kite soar with joy and also smash violently into the sand. Is he any better than the chaos of the wind itself? He knows he will never let go. So here he is, fighting the winds, straining at the end of the strings. He will not let it fly away today… He will gently bring it back down to the sand. His tired hands will wrap the strings up, and with care fold the kite then put it back into its protective