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The Mysterious Connections

The standard distance of comfortable spaces, between touch, heart and minds. But, what if we treasure the meeting of two, and thrive on the union of lives.

Then we are open to the mysterious connection and find the joy inside.

The thrill of recognition, and knowing what's on your mind.
The beautiful look of comprehension, our lives now intertwined.

Where were you yesterday, and tomorrow you'll be gone.
I only know that now is real, and I'll hold on until it's done.

Then we are open to the mysterious connection and find the light seen in your eyes.

Looking back through hazy memories, I grasp but do not feel.
Away from you now, I face my life and smile for that which is real.

I will not forget yesterday, it means too much to me.
But, I'll go on anyway, and try to remember the time...

When I opened myself to the mysterious connection that brought you to my life. A moment, a touch, a brief flash of joy... Hidden deep in my mind.


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